Welcome to TecParts NZ Ltd


 We are a supplier of Technical parts and Arduino Accesories for the Electronics hobbyist and professional, We source the latest components and modules at the best prices and quality.

                  We have New Zealands largest range of Components and Accessories for the Arduino ESP8266 & ESP32

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Our Warehouse is located off  Maleme St  Greerton Tauranga NZ but as yet we do not operate a walk in Retail Store

Email: sales@tecparts.co.nz


NOTE! All our profits go into buying more interesting electronic components and gadgets we are continually updating our range,

Once we list an item we try to carry that item in stock as long as they are still available so if you design a project using a device you purchased from us you can usualy obtain more at a later date. 


Here is a Small Sample of what we sell.

Arduino Uno - Arduino Mega - Arduino Due - Arduino Pro Mini - Arduino Nano - Arduino Lilypad - Arduino Pro Micro   Clone Boards - ESP8266 - ESP32

Breadboards - Modules - Power supply - Regulators - Resistors - Wire - Jumper Wires - Transistors - Relays - Vero Board - Oscilloscope Kit - Transistor Teter - Ethernet Shield,, Motor Shield, DHT11 Humidity, PIR Module, RGB LED, Regulator Buck Boost, HC-Sro4 Ping Sensor, Arduino Keypad, RFID Module, Laser Module, NRF24L01+,Sensor, GPS Module, GPRS SMS Module, Vero PCB, Voltage Boost Module, LEDs, Buzzer, Nokia 5110 Display. Data Logger Shield, 433mz Wireless, SD Reader, Up Down Regulator, Dip Switches. Capacitors, Resistor packs, ESP8266


TecParts NZ Ltd ( Webtec ) is constantly adding product to its range as they become available, all at the lowest prices and best quality available in New Zealand Guaranteed - We will match any other Trademe Seller on the same item.


Note! Our Warehouse ships most days order and payment must be received by 6:30am on the day of shipping otherwise goods will ship the following shipping day. 

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